This section features all the works of Leonard Herman, grouped into the following categories:

  • Featured Articles: New articles published exclusively on VISIT
  • Published Articles: Here are all of my articles that have been published in various publications and websites. They appear in their original form and I include commentary on each and in some cases, additional material and unpublished articles. VISIT
  • The Road to Videogame History – a six-part series of how I came to write the Phoenix, the first comprehensive book about the history of the videogame industry. VISIT
  • The Game Scholar Column: These are all of the articles that have been published in various publications. The articles here may or may not be featured in their original form and may feature additional photos. VISIT
  • Book Articles: This is a list of all books that I have contributed articles to. VISIT
  • Game Manuals: Various videogame manuals that I have written including commentary. VISIT
  • Film and Television: This is a list of all the appearances that I have made. Eventually, links will be included to the actual source if possible. VISIT
  • Radio and Podcasts: This is where my radio and podcast appearances are housed, including the Game Scholar podcast. Links are included to actual source when possible. VISIT
  • Interviews and Live Appearances: Recordings of talks and interviews that I’ve given. VISIT