Old School Gamer – November 2022

Ryan Berger, the publisher of Old School Magazine, called me and asked me if I’d like to write a 3,000-word article about the history of Atari through the mid-nineties for the Fall 2023 issue. Once I started working on it, I realized that I had taken on much more than I could chew. I decided that a history of Atari couldn’t be done adequately without the early convoluted story of how Nolan Bushnell got together with Ted Dabney and the story of Computer Space, the first video arcade game. And this story could not be told in 3,000 words. When I told this to Ryan, he asked me if I wanted 4,000 words or possibly no but the problem was I was running out of time and I realized I couldn’t write the whole story and make my deadline. So we compromised and decided to break the story into two parts with the first part ending in 1976 when Nolan Bushnell decided what he had to do to save the company.

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