Released in March 2021 by Audacity Games

In early 2020 I had an agreement with Dan Kitchen to do the documentation for his new game Dan Kitchen’s Gold Rush that he was releasing under his own company TikiVision. This was to to be a sequel to his brother Garry’s Activision hit game Keystone Kapers!. I worked on the format of the manual throughout 2020 but it wasn’t really going anywhere because Dan wasn’t providing me with the information that I required because he was busy with other stuff. Then he called me in November and revealed to me that he was joining Garry and David Crane to start a new company called Audacity and I should switch gears and work on the manual for their first game, Circus Convoy.

I worked directly with Dan on this manual and every border, color and font was scrutinized. The manual went through several drafts with changes to size, layout and color before everyone involved was satisfied.

Circus Convoy was the most polished manual I created to date. It was designed to look like an Activision manual. I spent more time on this one than on any manual that I did before it. I’m very happy with the result.

Circus Convoy went through several drafts before everyone involved was satisfied

Copyright © 2021 Leonard Herman

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