Released in July 2021 by Good Deal Games/Homebrew Heaven

Kung-Fu Combat 2, my twelfth manual, was the fourth one I did for Good Deal Games. As I did with Pro Golf, Kung-Fu Combat 2 did not mimic a manual design of an established company. The use of the “Chinese” font on the first page and the section headings, as well as the difference colored backgrounds for the sections, were completely my idea. When I was asked to do this manual I as in the midst of moving and couldn’t start it until I had an office set up at my new place. This made Michael Thomasson of Good Deal Games nervous that I wouldn’t have it ready in time for its planned release. But I came through on time. I’m happy that this manual was able to be produced at its correct size, unlike the previous Pro Golf.

Copyright © 2021 Leonard Herman

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